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We're a single issue, local chapter of the national FairVote movement, a non-partisan, non-profit champion of ranked choice voting. Our members cover the entire political spectrum and come together from across the Commonwealth, united by a shared mission to revive real, representative democracy.

Mission: To advance ranked choice voting throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia in local, state, statewide, and federal elections.

Vision: Our Vision for the Commonwealth of Virginia is that of a thriving election system, in which empowered voters are able to fully and responsibly express their preferences through ranked choice voting (when there are three or more candidates on a ballot) and candidates must achieve a true majority to win an election.  

FairVote Virginia is moving forward to become a 501 (c)(4) organization. We will work to achieve our Mission in 2020 and beyond through direct lobbying, advocacy, education, and grassroots mobilization. Our Board of Directors is willing to work in coalition with, or independently of, other organizations to advance ranked choice voting. We are committed to the advancement of ranked choice voting legislation, regardless of the partisan affiliation of the bill sponsor. Once RCV legislation is passed we will ensure that the will of the people is sustained and we will oppose any attempted action to undo progress. We believe that ranked choice ballots afford voters an opportunity to cast more nuanced votes than in plurality,winner-take all elections. Our work does not end once our Mission is achieved.