Last edited · 5 revisions works in conjunction with the Clean Money Squad to motivate candidates into taking the Squad Pledge (i.e. endorse the American Anti-Corruption Act by RepresentUs - see ). MVM has set up a fast and easy way for Virginians to request a commitment, from those candidates wanting their votes, to make representing constituents their top priority over big-money donors and corporate lobbyists. Contact: Rick Kenski,

Understanding the Make Voters Matter 1-2-3 approach to "Fixing Democracy":

Step #1: Request candidates endorse the American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA). Our staff directly requests candidates for this endorsement, but our major thrust is to educate and motivate constituents to make that request themselves of their local candidates. We publish notices for this "Call to Action" which brings folks to our "Letter Writing Campaign" where they can easily send their requests.


The following Note is a "Call to Action" written for the then upcoming 2019 Virginia State Elections. You will find within the Note links to our "Letter Writing Campaign.":


Step #2: Work to publicize and support candidates who have endorsed the AACA. Continuation of our "Call to Action" marketing campaign to get folks to request candidates to endorse the AACA morphs into a campaign to "build support for Clean Money Squad Candidates (those who endorsed the AACA)! Marketing videos calling on folks to request their local candidates make an AACA Pledge can now endorse the candidates who are already on the "Clean Money Squad" as shown in the following video:


Step #3: Keeping elected "Clean Money Squad Candidates" accountable. Here the work is about "Canidate Transparency" and shining a light on both the positive and possibly negative votes elected "Clean Money Squad" candidates make when: 1) representing their constituents interests (hopefully over those of corporate interests) and 2) enacting any legislation that moves the AACA legislation forward. In addition to grading legislator’s performance, enforcement of broken pledges come with what we do the next Primary season for that office. This method of enforcement has proven to be successful by Grover Norquist.



In summary, Make Voters Matter is working toward filling all legislative seats with candidates who have pledged to "Fix our Democracy." We find that this mission is simple to understand and communicate. Therefore, supporters of our movement quickly understand what they are being called to do: 1) request candidates endorse the AACA and 2) spread the word to others to do the same. Once our volunteer's letters go out they will be free to support other projects focused on “Fixing our Democracy.”


Speaking for the MVM Team, we look forward to helping support other groups with a shared interest to "Fix our Democracy." In addition, we invite others to work with us in requesting/encouraging more candidates to endorse the AACA. Hopefully, in this way, we will get more candidates into office that are serious about "Restoring Voter Representation." Thanks for checking out the MVM Wiki.

Contact: Rick Kenski,