National Popular Vote Interstate Compact- an important democracy reform bill. It needs to pass in the upcoming G.A. #Neededlegislation Meeting on Wednesday, the 11th #Neededlegislation

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Hi all,
Thanks to Marianne Karol Burke (indivisiblevirginia11@...), head of IndivisibleVA11, who shared an update on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact at the recent Grassroots Coalition (see  below). This is an important bill which would essentially reform the electoral college process without having to go through a constitutional amendment to do so.  Check out the attached PDF which Marianne used introduces the issue at Sunday's meeting of the Grassroots Coalition. 

We should all support and advocate for this bill in the upcoming General Assembly. See message below about a strategy meeting being organized for Wednesday evening. 

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From: Eileen Reavey <>
Date: Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 9:49 PM
Subject: [virginia-npv-grassroots-leaders] Invitation: Meeting of Virginia National Popular Vote Supporters

Hello Virginia National Popular Vote supporters, 
It's time for us to reconvene and discuss next steps for National Popular Vote in Virginia! So please join me for a (virtual) meeting gathering together grassroots supporters of electing the President by National Popular Vote.
We'll be recapping where we left off with our bill, what next steps are in front of us, and how we can all mobilize to ensure that Virginia is the next state to pass National Popular Vote! Also invited to this meeting are many new individuals who have signed up to volunteer in the months since we all last met, and please feel free to pass along this invitation to anyone else you think maky be interested. I am asking folks to RSVP for this meeting so you will need to sign up to get the link to attend:
Wednesday, November 11th 
7:00 pm ET 
Thank you & please let me know if you have any questions!

Eileen Reavey
National Grassroots Director
C: 301-693-6033