Join us on Constitution Day for a discussion on getting big money out of politics: Thursday, Sept 17th at 7 pm

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Hi all,
Thursday is Constitution Day (bet you didn't know that!). Are you interested in exploring opportunities to get money out of politics, with a focus on Virginia? 
Our VA chapter of American Promise is  organizing a virtual event this Thursday (17th at 7) in honor of Constitution Day:"A more perfect union by getting big money out of politics".  Should be interesting, we have great speakers, including VA legislators (Senator Creigh Deeds and Del Schuyler VanValkenburg).  See description below. If you're interested in attending, you can register here: Click here.
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Nancy Morgan/Alexandria
Coordinator VA Chapter of American Promise

Twitter: @MoneyOutVA


ANNOUNCEMENT: Join the VA Chapter of American Promise, Network NoVA, JCC Indivisible Williamsburg for a A CONSTITUTION DAY EVENT on Sept 17th: "Making A More Perfect Union By Getting Big Money Out of Politics". Other co-sponsors include Clean Virginia, UnKochMyCampus, Activate Virginia, Voters Right to Know, Clean Money Squad.
Let's discuss what we can do to get big money out of politics. The panel discussion will include Virginia legislators, Senator Creigh Deeds and Del Schuyler VanValkenburg and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, Hedrick Smith, as well as and John Pudner, executive director of Take Back our Republic. Along with advocates from the VA chapter of American Promise (Michael Deal and Nancy Morgan), we will discuss best practices in citizen activism from around the country to get money out of politics.
The Event: This one-hour virtual panel will focus on citizen activism to overturn a series of Supreme Court decisions that have eroded our ability to regulate election spending. As a result of Citizens United, donors and special interests are now free to spend without limits through Super PACs and “dark money’ groups. This discussion will cover both the Constitutional amendment process and legislative action at the state level. Participants are encouraged to stream a PBS-aired documentary by Hedrick Smith, "The Democracy Rebellion" prior to the panel discussion. (


If you can't attend but are interested in more information about our activities, send me an email: nancyruthmorgan@....