Hold the date: Thursday, Dec 12th (7-9 at GMU) Join Hedrick Smith for his showing of his new documentary, "Democracy Rebellion" (organised by American Promise and Transparent GMU)

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Hold the Date and Join Us: : Thursday, December 12th: A showing of the new documentary: "Democracy Rebellion"

American Promise (working on getting big money out of politics) and Transparent GMU (part of Un-Koch My Campus) are co-organizing a showing of Hedrick Smith's new PBS video "Democracy Rebellion" on Thursday, Dec 12th (7-9 pm) in Johnson Center Room B. Hedrick Smith is a Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times journalist and his new documentary will be airing next year but we are getting to see the preview. See the three-minute trailer here: The event will be held at GMU on Dec 12th, 7-9 and we will be following it with a panel discussion.  Hedrick will also be signing books. 

 Also on Saturday, Dec 14th (2 pm at GMU-room to be determined), we will be organising the first meeting of our informal State-wide partnership on anti-corruption. We will discussing the launching of  a
n informal VA network,  a state umbrella group which emphasizes fostering collaboration, communications, and where possible joint action on issues related to corruption. 

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