Finding bills through a legislative tracker and other means #Neededlegislation

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

See below: A different way to track bills. I find it difficult, however, to find the bills that interest me (unless I actually know the number).  I still find it easier through LIS.   Many of the bills are still missing and I can't find ones that I know were submitted (such as Peterson and Joshua Cole's dominion bills).  I look under the Elections category; maybe they are somewhere else.
Free Legislative Tracker
Dear Nancy,
The General Assembly begins on Wednesday! This year’s General Assembly session will run 60 days from January 8th to March 8th and likely cover hundreds - if not thousands - of bills. The newly-elected Democratic majority is likely to address issues like a minimum wage increase, redistricting reform, renewable energy legislation, and many more. 
Because of the condensed legislative cycle, things happen fast at the legislature! To help you stay informed and engaged, we’ll have a team of trackers on the ground in Richmond, Virginia following legislation as it works its way through the halls of government. We’ll keep you updated on the issues that matter and let you know how and when to get involved. If you’d like to get a glimpse at the legislation we’ll be tracking, check out our tracker below, which will be updated daily on our website.
VaOurWay Team
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