Do you really want to collaborate?

Rick Kenski (Make Voters Matter)

Would not everyone agree that the first step to collaboration is a good understanding of what each organization is actually doing? Most organizations share only generalizations. Is it not more important for those offering their support to be able to learn (hopefully thru this group's Wiki Pages) what specifically another organization is planning on doing in the near future? For example, if you do not make other organizations aware that you are launching a "Letter Writing" or a "Phone Banking" campaign, how would other groups, wanting to collaborate and be supportive of your efforts, know to pass the word on to their members? On the other hand, if an organization merely advertises that they desperately need help pushing to get a bill or resolution passed, really will any other group understand how to offer collaborative support?
Please, if you are serious about collaborating with other organizations, make sure the "Wiki Page" for your organization informs others of how exactly they can be supportive of your work. Thanks
Rick's "2cents"

Michael Deal

Thanks, Rick.  Your suggestion is exactly what we'd like to see each organization post on the Wiki tab.  You'll see that 5 organizations have posted information there about their organization's mission, current campaigns, and contact info. (Your explanation of Make Voters Matter's campaign is particularly insightful.  We know that some organizations are now rethinking future campaigns in light of the recent elections.  Our upcoming meeting on Nov. 14 will serve to facilitate communication and collaboration among the groups who have joined or are thinking about joining Virginia Swamp Busters, hopefully leading to more coordination on future campaigns.  I hope as many as can join us on the 14th (more details to follow) will do so (call-in for those not able to be there in person will be arranged).
Happy Thanksgiving.

Rick Kenski (Make Voters Matter)

Michael, you have wonderful articles on your Democracy4Change Blog about groups like the Badass Grandmas and Katie Fahey's Voters Not Politicians which I recommend for all to read. In our original conversations about creating a directory of organizations which were working on "Fixing Democracy" here in Virginia, I thought you were interested in educating the public, and new volunteers wanting to get involved, to these Virginian Organizations. Now I totally regret the fact that in addition to the directory we discussed, I complicated the issue by trying to create a Forum for the Leaders of these organizations in order to promote some collaboration between them. A simple Facebook page containing the directory was all I should have started. My attached "Group" for leaders was a fiasco from the start and I really blew it by misnaming it a Discussion Group! On top of that, I was busy with other projects at the time and did not explain nor instruct others on how to use the tools I put in place. I take total responsibility for that mess. Thus we are now on a new platform (that's fine) but what the heck is the Mission? Is the Wiki for instance a generalized directory for new comers to see all the different organizations and get their contact info? Certainly, these organizations have their own sites for more info. Or is the Wiki meant to be for leaders and promoting collaboration?  If that is the case, forgive me for pointing out that the reason I started this "Do you really want to collaborate?" topic and updated (with what I had already posted a while back on our FB group) for Make Voters Matter, was because of your stated, "You'll see that 5 organizations have posted information there about their organization's mission, current campaigns, and contact info."  Do you realize those descriptions were written back in Sept merely in prep for the FB Live session with Sam? They do not help in the least for group collaboration. That was my point. If we can not get you, Nancy and David organized enough to collaborate with one another, maybe we are jumping the gun to try and convince others to collaborate with us?