call to action on behalf of WIN-NoVa - Welcoming Our Immigrant Neighbors to Northern Virginia

Michael Deal

message from Jackie Rivas of WIN-Nova

Virginia has poultry processing plants on the Eastern Shore and meat packing plants near Harrisonburg.  Many of their workers have contracted Covid-19.  These industries are notorious for their mistreatment of workers.

Copied below please find the emergency temporary public health regulations related to Covid-19.  The comment period is through midnight on Monday, June 22nd and a decision will be made on Wednesday at an emergency meeting.  Please consider commenting on the regs -- a call to action.  The regs apply to all employers in Virginia.  In perusing the comment section, there is a lot of opposition, including opposition to just wearing masks.



The Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board will hold an Electronic Emergency Meeting on June 24, 2020.

In accordance with Executive Order 63, Order of Public Health Emergency Five, Requirement to Wear Face Covering While Inside Buildings, the Department will be presenting to the Safety and Health Codes Board an Emergency Temporary Standard/Emergency Regulation, Infectious Disease Prevention, SARS-CoV-2 Virus That Causes COVID-19, §16 VAC 25-220, applicable to all employers and employees covered by Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program jurisdiction.  The proposed regulations can be found here.

The regulations provide guidance to employers on their responsibilities; recognize different levels of risk in different workplace environments; propose sanitation requirements, education and training; and protect workers against discrimination for exercising their rights, including the right to wear PPE or express reasonable concerns about infection control.  The regulations expire in six months or when superseded by permanent regulations.

The public comment forum will be open for comments until 11:59 PM on June 22, 2020.  Comment link.