Bill on Ranked Choice Voting: Fairvote advocates are lobbying today (on behalf of Elizabeth Melson) #Neededlegislation #rankedchoicevoting

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Today Fair Vote advocates are lobbying .  We look forward to get some feedback from them and suggestions on how we can target/influence selected legislators.  Below is a summary of Sally Hudson's bill. You can get the full bill here. 

I'm attaching their lobbying schedule. 


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HB 1103 Ranked choice voting; elections for local governing bodies, local option pilot program.

Introduced by: Sally L. Hudson | all patrons    ...    notes add to my profiles


Ranked choice voting; elections for local governing bodies; local option pilot program. Provides that elections for local governing bodies may be conducted by ranked choice voting, which the bill defines as the method of casting and tabulating votes in which (i) voters rank candidates in order of preference, (ii) tabulation proceeds in rounds in each of which either a candidate or candidates are elected or the last-place candidate is defeated, (iii) votes for voters' next-ranked candidates are transferred from elected or defeated candidates, and (iv) tabulation ends when the number of candidates elected equals the number of offices to be filled. The bill allows any local governing body to decide to conduct such election by ranked choice voting and requires any such decision to be made in consultation with the local electoral board and general registrar and by a majority vote of the governing body. The bill authorizes the State Board of Elections to promulgate regulations for the proper and efficient administration of elections determined by ranked choice voting. The bill provides that any costs incurred by the Department of Elections related to technological changes necessary for the implementation of ranked choice voting pursuant to the bill shall be charged to the localities exercising the option to proceed with ranked choice voting. The bill has a delayed effective date of July 1, 2021, and sunsets on July 1, 2031.