Bad news from the Senate P&E committee: yesterday they voted down two critical campaign finance bills #campaignfinance

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

The Senate P&E committee Tuesday afternoon voted down campaign finance bills. The vote for the limits on campaign finance (which rolled different bills into Peterson bill which has limits of $20,000!!!!!!!!!) was 6 for and 9 against. Three democrats voted against the bill: Janet Howell, Lionell Spruill Sr., and John Bell. National averages for limits for state legislators are around $3,000 and we can't get them to pass something with $20,000!

This is a shocking vote! Bell's argument against was that it didn't prohibit individuals from funding their elections. That is almost impossible to impose because of 1st amendment rights.  Plus the primary reason for campaign finance bills is anti-corruption. We don't like having billionaires running for office but their money doesn't influence their votes.  

I can't believe that a common sense bill was just defeated by Democrats.  

The "Dominion' bill was defeated 10-5.  It's interesting to juxtapose the votes and the amounts that the same legislators get from Dominion. See below. So we have lots of work to do!