Finalizing our concept note on developing an umbella group of grassroots groups in Virginia working on anti-corruption legislation.

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Hi all,
Mike and I have been working to finalize our concept note on developing an umbrella group of grassroots groups in Virginia working on anti-corruption legislation (it is attached and included in the file directory of this group).  Please provide comments.

Also, the Wiki icon on the right side of our discussion group platform allows us to put information about our various groups.  Please feel free to put something about your group in a separate Wiki page. 

Just to let you know:
  • we're looking to organise an informal coalition discussion in early December with the objective of  bringing together interested groups to discuss the mechanics of setting up a state coalition: focused on fostering collaboration, communications, and where possible joint action.  We can have interested groups join us by phone or skype.
  • we hope to build this into a series of events in Richmond the last week of January.  John and I just had a discussion with Andrew Rodney from We are UnRepresented about showing the documentary "UnRepresented" in Richmond that week.  He indicated that they will try to reserve that date for a showing.  We would need to try to identify a venue (Virginia Commonweath University or University of Richmond) with our potential partners. 
So, please review the document and provide comments. Also put your organisational information in the the Wiki.


David Denham

Good work.  Following up from Sam, prefer "collaboration" over "coalition."  Sam's premise is that coalition implies a sense of unity that is nearly impossible in our current environment.  Rather (not Dan), collaboration implies mainly individuality, yet collaborating on common strategies and tasks.