Our first "coalition" activity in 2020--showing the documentary "UnRepresented" in Richmond on the 10th Anniversary of Citizens United (January 21st)

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Hi all,

One of the coordinators of the documentary "Unrepresented" (Andrew Rodney) told me that they are doing a tour of State Capitols next year and would love to do a screening in Richmond. I'll be talking to him next week. 

What do you think?  We can jointly organise an anti-corruption event, right! 

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Michael Deal

Great idea, Nancy. 

Thanks for getting us started on  


Michael Deal

Matthew Reed

To those who went a couple days ago, how was the movie?

John Boyer, AP

I liked the film which provides a good overview of the subject. They are editing it down to a one hour version for PBS but it is not yet in the schedule. 

Rick Kenski (Make Voters Matter)

WARNING! As I explained to Andrew Rodney, congrats to him as he has captured a ton of great footage on the subject of "Our Broken Democracy!" Being a die-hard of this subject, I appreciated all 84 minutes of the longer version of his documentary which he showed at the Alexandria Film Festival. Unfortunately, however, I can not fathom using it in it's current form. When Andrew said he was cutting it to only 60 minutes for PBS, I still was not thrilled. The film covers so many subjects! From campaign Finance to Voter Suppression, putting all those subjects into one film was too overwhelming, for anyone other than a true Die-hard (and even for me I was squirming in the first 60 minutes much less the entire 84 minutes. With John Boyer's help (Thanks Buddy) I did manage to persevere! But next time John, I get the seat closest to the aisle and you can get blocked in! ; ) LOL
My suggestion to Andrew Rodney was not to cut any material (again it was all good stuff), but rather break the footage up into a "Series" of perhaps the 4 main reasons that are causing Voters to go (even after elections) "UnRepresented." 
In this way we would end up with (4) 20 minute films which would be perfect for firing-up discussion groups on each of the subjects. That is something I can very much put to use. I hope Andrew Rodney takes up my suggestion because, and I will say it again, he has captured some fantastic material! It's just too much to digest in one sitting. And if you do get thru it, you will be left so exhausted and depressed that the last thing you'll want to do is join a discussing of all those subjects! I will admit, however, the film did get me excited about possibly flying-off to live in another country!

John Boyer, AP

In the Q&A following the screening, I raised the issue of with Andrew and the panel about the need for having shorter versions of the great material in the film given my experience with screenings of Dark Money that it’s much  better to draw people in with a much shorter version, then advocate for them to stream the full doc at home. Talking with him in the lobby, he was open to this possibility.