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Virginia Swamp Busters
*This Virginia discussion group aims to promote grassroots democratic reform at the State-level through : * * The establishment of a  clearinghouse of information on grassroots democratic reform organizations active in Virginia to facilitate communication and coordination * Encouraging  dialogue among organizational leadership to better exchange information critical to strategy development, best practices, and campaign development/coordination. * Building awareness and dialogue on legislation being introduced in the VA General Assembly; identify collectively ways of building grassroots awareness and support of this legislation. * The p romotion of  greater awareness of the full range of democratic reform initiatives across the state – especially among those who are interested but unsure how best to be supportive. * Developing best practices and information sharing on campaign tactics, alternative approaches, and other means to further successful reform efforts. For more information on collaborating groups/institutions, go to the Wiki section which provides a list of groups, their legislative priorities, and contact information.
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  • A discussion platform for American Promise members
    This discussion platform is designated to facilitate discussions among members of the various American Promise associations around the country. It allows a sharing of best practices and a mechanisms for enabling a discussion on issues related to moving state members of AP associations ahead in their objectives of building support to get "big money out of politics" through advocating for an amendment of the U.S. constitutional overturning Citizens United.
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  • A discussion group on anti-corruption legislation and actions in Virginia
    This LeaderForum subgroup is designed to facilitate dialogue among the leader group - the leaders of the various organizations participating in the Virginia Swamp Busters group. By creating this subgroup, we can more easily separate messages just for the leader group from those sent out to all subscribers of the group.
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  • A discussion platform for members of the VA chapter of American Promise
    This is a discussion group platform for the members of the VA chapter of American Promise, a group working to erode the corrosive impact of big money in politics through: 1) getting Virginia to be the 21st state to pass a resolution overturning Citizen's United; 2) build grassroots awareness on the corrosive impact of big money in politics; 3) passing legislation in Virginia which supports campaign finance reform.
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