Poor People's Campaign - COVID-19 and the 2020 Elections" webinar series (from David Denham) By Michael Deal · #255 ·
Unrigging Democracy, a virtual book talk with award-winning author David Daley (invitation from OneVirginia2021 By Michael Deal · #242 ·
SW Virginia Poor People's Campaign Zoom Meeting,Weds, 4/29, 7 pm By Michael Deal · #228 ·
Rep. Spanberger (D-Va) named to New Leaders to Watch List By Michael Deal · #220 ·
New movie on gerrymandering available for streaming By Michael Deal · #218 ·
New coalition will push democracy reforms targeted to center and right By Michael Deal · #214 ·
A World Without Partisan Gerrymanders? Virginia Democrats Show the Way By Michael Deal · #213 ·
Podcast (& blogpost) with David Denham of Represent Roanoke Valley/Clean Money Squad By Michael Deal · #211 ·
Virginia Absentee Ballot - learn how to apply By Michael Deal · #207 ·
The People held a conversation with Virginia grassroots democratic reform organizations By Michael Deal · #206 ·
The new Virginia looks a lot like the old Virginia when it comes to energy laws By Michael Deal · #203 ·
Digital day of Action -- Mass Poor People's Assembly and Moral March on Washington By Michael Deal · #202 ·
VA reform movement conversation - an invite from The People By Michael Deal · #201 ·
Introducing a new podcast by The People! By Michael Deal · #185 ·
The Fahey Q&A: How Cindi Copeland is searching for political humanity in Virginia By Michael Deal · #178 ·
Listen to podcast with Shruti Shah, President and CEO of the Coalition for Integrity By Michael Deal · #172 ·
the Democracy For All Amendment (H.J. Res. 2), which would overturn Citizens United and related cases, will have its first ever hearing in the U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution. By Michael Deal · #165 ·
Demanding far better from elected leadership in terms of ethics, transparency and campaign contributions By Michael Deal · #160 ·
Opportunities for Democracy Reforms in Virginia By Michael Deal · #137 ·
American Promise Talking Points on Campaign Finance Reform By Michael Deal · #133 ·
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