A conversation with Hedrick Smith #rankedchoicevoting #campaignfinance #gerrymandering #anticorruption

Michael Deal

Hedrick Smith explains how our democracy became so imperiled and why he is optimistic that citizen-led grassroots reform movements are reclaiming the American dream.

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In this episode Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith, describes the grassroots movements pushing for partisan gerrymander reform, voting rights, and exposing dark money, providing compelling evidence that our democracy can be saved when ordinary citizens take action.  To understand how we got here and the complex challenge facing American democracy, Hedrick draws upon his analysis from his 2012 book Who Stole the American Dream? to explain the rise of economic inequality and how big money interests have captured our political system.

Hedrick's one-hour PBS documentary “The Democracy Rebellion”, available for live streaming on YouTube, chronicles the rise of citizen reform movements across America working to restore fairer, cleaner elections and to limit the corrosive influence of big money in our politics.  

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