Upcoming discussion: Business and how they can limit out of control spending in our political system. Thursday, Aug. 6th at 8 pm

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Last  night's discussion was very interesting: how conservatives think about money in politics. Join this next discussion.  Next Thursday, August 6th at 8 pm

Dear Nancy,

Join us August 6th as we launch a series of quarterly calls to explore the best way to lift up the unique role the business voice can play in working to limit out of control spending in our political system.

Legislators often assume that business is in favor of our current pay-to-play politics. This puts business leaders in a powerful position to help set the record straight: current spending rules that foster pay-to-play do not help business, rather, they threaten innovation, healthy markets, and economic growth.

Yes, I want to work to make business's voice heard
American Promise co-founder Jeff Clements will be joined by Business for American Promise co-founder Elizabeth Doty, Scott Ellis, CEO and Statement of Principles signer, and myself, discussing  American Promise’s 2020 strategy and the importance of our National Business Network.

Join the call to meet your fellow National Business Network Supporters and Members. We'll dive into the economic argument, weigh in on actions you can take and how you can make a difference for the greater good to level the playing field in America’s marketplace.
Please make sure to register for the Zoom meeting as registration is free but required for a personal link. Look forward to seeing you on the call.

All the best,

Susan Muller
National Business Network Manager
The National Business Network, working collectively with its members, provides educational forums and resources to help business professionals clarify where they stand and take effective action to scale and advance our mission.

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