Podcast (& blogpost) with David Denham of Represent Roanoke Valley/Clean Money Squad

Michael Deal

David Denham is an organizer for social justice with a long track record of building strong alliances and effecting real change. As the head of the cross-partisan Represent Roanoke Valley/the Clean Money Squad, he has been a strong advocate for anti-corruption reform in Virginia for the past 6 years.
Listen to the podcast to learn about his recent success mobilizing over 1000 RepresentUS volunteers nationwide in support of the constitutional amendment on redistricting reform.  David also talks about his efforts to sign up 26 candidates for the legislature to take an anti-corruption pledge, collaborating with other groups like Activate Virginia and Clean Virginia.
In addition, David talks about his civil disobedience experience and his work with the Poor People's Campaign.
David offers a number of lessons for other grassroots democratic reform organizations active in Virginia.  Listen in!


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