Free Webinar today 1pm on First Amendment from National Constitution Center #upcomingevents

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Interested in training on the constitution? Tune in today at 1 pm. 


TUNE IN: Learners of all ages can continue their constitutional learning online with LIVE programming. 

All streaming will be available through Zoom, and accessible on a home computer, laptop, or phone. Viewers can register at the Zoom link copied below each date or refresh this page at the scheduled program time to watch the livestream. For the full list of upcoming classes, check out the schedule.

Check back here for updates about live virtual America's Town Hall programs.

Wednesday March 25: First Amendment: Freedom of Speech and the Press

Refresh this page at 1 p.m. or register here:

You can also watch the 1 p.m. lecture live on YouTube on our channel at There will be a replay of the live event on our channel if you can't watch it live

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