Webinar on Gerrymandering on March 23rd: Organised by the Election Reformers Network (ERN) #upcomingevents

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

This might be a very interesting webinar.  It was shared by the anti-corruption network. 

Frank Vogl frank@... via googlegroups.com 

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Dear ACAN Colleagues:
My friend Larry Garber sent me the note below and I am keen to draw it to your attention as the first webinar he is holding is on March 23 ....I know that some of you are keenly interested in corruption and the US election systems and so this may be of particular interest to you.
Best wishes, Frank Vogl




Family and Friends (with apologies to those who have already received this e-mail),

I an writing to let you know about a fantastic organization whose Board of Directors I am proud to serve on.  Election Reformers Network (ERN) was founded in 2017 by a group of friends and former colleagues from organizations that monitor elections and support democracy overseas.  ERN leverages this background to advance practical, nonpartisan reforms that can move our democracy toward a more representative elections system and less partisan involvement in election administration.

Since forming, ERN activities have included support for independent redistricting ballot initiatives, developing Electoral College reform alternatives, and advocating for legislative elections on the basis of multi-member districts using ranked choice voting.  Currently, ERN is leading a project to assess conflicts of interest among the chief election officers responsible for administering the elections in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

A couple of upcoming programs that may be of interest to you:  


  • March 23 webinar on the Role States in Play in Anti-Gerrymandering (register here
  • March 25 webinar on Electoral College Reform  (register here)


ERN is a 501c3 organization with a politically diverse governing Board and Advisory Council.  Please click here for more information about the organization and here to receive news and updates from the organization (no obligations required).  And once you have an opportunity to peruse the materials,  I would welcome your thoughts on how we can use our focus on structural election reforms to improve our democracy.

Thank you


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