The People held a conversation with Virginia grassroots democratic reform organizations

Michael Deal

This week The People hosted a conversation among representatives from leading reform organizations across the state to share our 2020 and 2021 priorities and to explore ways to collaborate and create community on line.  Represent Roanoke Valley/Clean Money Squad, One Virginia 2021, and American Promise were among the organizations involved.

Over the next several months, The People is focused on reaching out to Virginians from across the state, engaging in online town halls to identify people who want to engage with reform, and to educate and also learn how people see the reform priorities.  

On the call, we began to explore ways that we can collaborate. We want to help develop community with online tools, to listen, raise awareness and also give people the opportunity to act. We find that people are frustrated, do not feel heard, and want to know more about solutions.  Many people we meet might not be connected to the organizations championing the issue they are most excited about, and we can help that connection happen,” shares Katie Fahey.

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