VA reform movement conversation - an invite from The People

Michael Deal

Hello Reformers of Virginia!


As we have been building out our plans for outreach and action in Virginia, we have been incredibly encouraged and inspired by the work being done in the areas of reform by your respective organizations and movements. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with many of you over the last several months (and most of you have met or had conversations with our ED, Katie Fahey), and Katie and I feel very strongly that the most impactful path forward in Virginia is paved with meaningful partnership. To that end, we are reaching out in hopes of organizing a conversation with all of us at the (virtual) table, to talk plans on the larger scale and figure out ways we can coordinate and support one another and the greater reform movement through collaboration.  Attached here a summary that explains more about our thoughts around our strategy, and we’d love to use that as a springboard as we move forward. Because time is of the essence, we’d like to talk this month and have proposed a few dates/times here. This is also an open invitation to any organizations working in the reform space in VA that are interested - so please feel free to share this with anyone that fits that description. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and discussing in greater detail soon!

Thank you,
Sarah Fuchs 
Manager of Partnerships & Strategic Projects

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