Call Saslaw and ask him to allow the Fair Energy Bills Act to be voted on. Request from Virginia Organizing #Neededlegislation

Nancy Morgan, American Promise

Both Eileen Filler Corn (on the redistricting bill) and Dick Saslaw (see request below from Virginia Organizing) seem to be using the Mitch McConnell approach towards legislating...not letting bills be heard and voted on. 


Dear Nancy, 

Please contact Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw. He has repeatedly delayed the Fair Energy Bills Act (FEBA) from being heard in the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee. There will be one more chance for them to vote on the bill this Monday, March 2. Please contact him today at (804) 698-7535 or email: district35@....

It is time to stop Dominion from over-charging the people of Virginia for their electricity and restore the regulations Dominion has worked to chip away.

Thanks for your work,

Brian Johns

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